Steam Orifice Flow Meter

Price: 50.000.000 VND

Delivery Plan: 5 days

Model DPF Serial DPF025, DPF050, DPF080, DPF100,...DPF200...DPF350

Fluid: Air, Gas, Steam, Liquid.

Size: DN25 to DN 350

sizing standard: ISO5167-2(2003)

Accuracy: 1%

Output signal: 4 to 20 mA, RS-485

Power supply: 230VAC/50Hz

Indicators: Remote Mounting.

Differential Pressure Transmitter from Yokogawa ( Japan), Endress Hauser, ABB ( Germany), Autrol from Korea 

Communication: RS485, GPRS

Process Temperature: –20 to 500 °C

Process Connections: Wafer,  ANSI STD

Rating : ANSI#300RF

Approval ATEX, FM, CSA

Delivery : 1..2 weeks