MECON Magnetic Flow meter

Price: 34.000.000 VND

Delivery Plan: 40 days

The well-honed manufacturing process of our electromagnetic flowmeters dates back to Made-in-Germany engineering tradition of the former TURBOWERK MESSTECHNIK and undergoes continuous improvement at our factory. Our mag-flux product line is an excellent example for this process.

The measuring principle of electromagnetic flowmeters is based on the law of electromagnetic induction as described by Faraday. A conductive liquid flowing through the sensor's magnetic field B generates a voltage Ui which is directly proportional to the flow velocity v.

Our mag-flux electromagnetic flowmeters are based on pulsed constant field technology. This design makes mag-flux flow meters extremely robust and stable. There are no moving parts and pressure drop is avoided.

As a result of our high-precision hydraulic calibration procedures the measuring accuracy of our electromagnetic flow sensors in combination with our transmitter mag-flux M1 is < 0.5% (consult product specifications for further details).