Kosa Pneumatic Actuator

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KOSA+’ Pneumatic Actuator, the best solution for P.O.V*! 
P.O.V-Pneumatic cylinder Operated Valve actuator.

Though it is also used in some of the linear slide valves, it is mostly used in the automation of quarter turn valves.
(ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, damper valve and etc.) which rotate 90°.

Usable under the low/high temperature or vibration environment as it is not susceptible to operation environment.

Very stable under the explosive environment as it does not use electricity.

Usable in ESV (Emergency Shut-off Valve) also as the response time is very fast compared to MOV*
* MOV (Motor Operated Valve actuator)

In Scotch-yoke and Rack & Pinion types.