BTU Meter for Thermic Fluid

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BTU Meter for Thermic Fluid
BTU-342 is designed for monitoring Heat Flow applications using Thermic Oil.
It calculates and displays Heat Flow in KCal/hr  , and Net Heat Energy consumed in KCal . 
Making use of Thermic Fluid flow, its thermodynamic properties, and the Net temperature difference of Inlet and Outlet Fluid, the Heat Flow is accurately computed.
The Heat Flow is totalised, and retained in the Meter in Non Volatile Memory.
Cosmic BTU 342 / Energy meter will display the actual energy flowing through the system, and totalize the heat flow in order to obtain the energy quantity.
The values can easily be transmitted to a PC for display and analysis. The data obtained can be used for energy flow monitoring or billing as required. 
We provide a software which logs the data in a file on PC at predefined times.
Designed for Thermic Fluid or Hot Water Generator Heat Transfer applications, it uses inputs for Flow from a flow meter, the inlet and outlet temperatures from Temperature sensors in the respective lines. 
Combined with the Thermodynamic properties of the flowing fluid , the unit not only computes its density but also the specific heat at the flowing temperature.
Volume Flow Rate
Inlet Temperature
Outlet Temperature
Delta T
Instantaneous Heat Flow (BTU/ KW/ KCal/ MCal)/hr
Totalised Heat Flow BTU/ kW-hr/ KCal/ MCal
 4-20 mA isolated Retransmission of Thermal power
 MODBUS-RTU Communication Port & Data Logging software(optional).
 Password protection 
 Graphic LCD screen.